Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2-day Twisted Class in San Francisco

Interested in learning the fundamentals of Twisted and event-driven networking with Python? If you live in the Bay Area or SF, or are visiting for PyCon, you can join Jean-Paul Calderone and I for a two day intro to Twisted in San Francisco.
Location: San Francisco, exact site TBA.
Dates: March 11-12, the Monday and Tuesday before PyCon.
Cost: $650 early bird, or $750 after Feb 15.

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Covered Material

Combining a lecture with plenty of hands-on exercises, covered topics will include:
  • Understanding Event Loops: we'll re-implement Twisted's core APIs step-by-step (reactor, transport, protocol), explaining the why and how of event-driven networking.
  • TCP Clients and Servers.
  • Scheduling Timed Events.
  • Deferreds: the motivation and uses of Twisted's result callback abstraction.
  • Producers and Consumers: dealing with large amounts of data.
  • Unit Testing: how to test your networking code.
  • A large, self-paced exercise, implementing a HTTP server and client from scratch using pre-written unit tests as guidance, and our help as needed.

Daily Schedule (Tentative)

9:30-12:30: Lecture and exercises.
12:30-13:30: Lunch break.
13:30-16:30: Lecture and exercises.
16:30-17:30: Extended exercise time, and in-depth Q&A.

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