Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2-day Twisted class in San Francisco: Early Bird ends Friday

If you want to build reliable, well-tested network applications in Python, Twisted may be the tool you need. In this two-day class, taking place in March 11th and 12th (right before PyCon) we will cover the basic principles and core APIs of Twisted. Early bird pricing will save you $100, and ends in just three more days.

Covered material will include:
  • Understanding Event Loops: we'll re-implement Twisted's core APIs step-by-step (reactor, transport, protocol), explaining the why and how of event-driven networking.
  • TCP Clients and Servers.
  • Scheduling Timed Events.
  • Deferreds: the motivation and uses of Twisted's result callback abstraction. 
  • Producers and Consumers: dealing with large amounts of data.
  • Unit Testing: how to why test your networking code.
  • A large, self-paced exercise, implementing a HTTP server and client from scratch using pre-written unit tests as guidance, and our help as needed. (These last two points will also be presented at PyCon, at the Twisted testing tutorial.)

To learn more and sign up for the class visit our Eventbrite page.

Abous us:

Jean-Paul Calderone has consulted for Fortune 500 companies, startups and research institutions. He has taught Twisted tutorials at PyCon, Fluendo SA in Barcelona, and Rackspace Inc. Jean-Paul has been one of the core Twisted maintainers since 2002, and is the maintainer of pyOpenSSL.

Itamar Turner-Trauring spent many years working on distributed applications as part of ITA Software and then Google's airline reservation system, coding in Python (often using Twisted), C++ and a little bit of Common Lisp. Itamar has also worked on projects ranging from a reliable multicast messaging system with congestion control, a prototype-based configuration language, to a multimedia kiosk for a museum. Itamar has been one of the core Twisted maintainers since 2001.

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